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Preterm children's brains can catch up years later

  There's some good news for parents of preterm babies -- latest research from the University of Adelaide shows that by the time they become teenagers, the brains of many preterm children can perform al... [Read more]

created by   Subodh choure | on   29th July,2014


Orion's Belt lights up Cassini's view of Enceladus

  NASA's Cassini mission will take advantage of the position of two of the three stars in Orion's belt when the spacecraft flies by Saturn's moon Enceladus on Wed., Oct. 19. As the hot, bright stars pas... [Read more]

created by   Sunil nalawade | on   29th July,2014


Cassini spacecraft reveals 101 geysers and more on icy Saturn moon

  Over a period of almost seven years, Cassini's cameras surveyed the south polar terrain of the small moon, a unique geological basin renowned for its four prominent "tiger stripe" fractures and the ge... [Read more]

created by   Adhip Patil | on   29th July,2014


Changes afoot for iconic steps at Philadelphia Museum of Art

  PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - The Philadelphia Museum of Art, on the verge of unveiling details of a major expansion, is considering changes to the steps made famous in the 1976 "Rocky" movie, the museum d... [Read more]

created by   Adhip | on   26th June,2014


Web Services

  Web services are application components. Web services communicate using open protocols. Web services are self-contained and self-describing. Web services can be discovered using UDDI. Web services... [Read more]

created by   Prithwiraj | on   20th June,2014


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Rosetta spacecraft arrives at comet destination
Created By: admin     Created On: 07th August,2014

  Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and Rosetta now lie 405 million kilometres from Earth, about half way between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars, rushing towards the inner Solar System at nearly 55,000 kilometres per hour.The comet is in an elliptical 6.5-year orbit that takes it from beyond Jupiter at its furthest point, to between the orbits of Mars and Earth at its closest to the Sun. Rosetta will accompany it for over a year as they swing around the Sun and back out towards Jupiter again...

  Much artificial-intelligence research addresses the problem of making predictions based on large data sets. An obvious example is the recommendation engines at retail sites like Amazon and Netflix.But some types of data are harder to collect than online click histories -- information about geological formations thousands of feet underground, for instance. And in other applications -- such as trying to predict the path of a storm -- there may just not be enough time to crunch all the available data...

  While tremendous potential exists to broaden access to medical treatment and control costs, several health law experts say in a just-published New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) report that more oversight is needed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure consumer confidence and safety. Out of some 100,000 mHealth apps on the market, only about 100 have been cleared by the FDA, while opponents see the FDA as deterrents to innovation -- and profits...

iLyke Publishing
Created By: admin     Created On: 17th July,2014

  There's no question about it, there's millions of dollars to be made in the industry of social publishing, What's the down-side of people who stand in our shoes? THE GRIND. Well with iLyke, the grind is OVER!No, this isn't too good to be true. iLyke started on Facebook, but has integrated the use of Twitter recently. What they provide is pretty phenomenal.This right here is the automation of making you money. Say goodbye to the days of having to write or schedule out ads for days on end on a never-ending cycle...

Social Man Affiliates
Created By: admin     Created On: 04th July,2014

  If you weren't a believer in Social Media and CPA's you will be now. Our industry attracts all kinds of individuals depending on what type of account is being run, but when you're dealing with hundreds of thousands of people and conversions that make $100/sale, you're talking BIG money. Social Man is the solution. It's an incredibly CPA offer that was made perfect for Social Media. We all know that traffic is easy to come by, but it's not always easy to enagage that traffic after they click on your link...

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